October 2019


Have you got your pumpkins out yet? I’m shortcutting it this year, and just buying up perhaps five or six perfectly shaped giant-sized pumpkins and arranging them artistically near the front door. Perhaps with some night-lights and Halloween-themed fairy lights as decoration. Last year’s hollowed-out pumpkin got left too long on the inside windowsill, too near to the radiator and caused a nasty, soggy, smelly mess. Should have put it on a plate, but there you go, live and learn! Hop on over to the Lights4Fun website for some spooky ideas. And if you’ve left it too late to mail order, virtually all the supermarkets are stuffed to the rafters with Halloween decorations too!

So we’ve decided to stick with the colour schemes this month and bring you some fabulous design and colour scheme ideas featuring the stunning contrasting shades of orange/rust and black. First up, this simple yet striking bespoke Shaker kitchen is from Olive & Barr, has a painted finish in Night Cap, and Venantino work surfaces. A classic colour combination that looks good with stainless steel and chrome accessories, and which, of course, can be perked up by the addition of colourful accessories – including flowers and fruit!

Colourful flooring can be the clever interior designer’s secret weapon. In a small space, such as a bathroom or compact kitchen a colourful floor can add impact and interest to a scheme – without taking over the whole room, so to speak. Whilst an investment in kitchen cabinetry or bathroom fittings and furniture can cost an arm and a leg, many of us tend to choose colours and finishes that may be on the neutral or low-key side of things. But, there’s nothing to say that a racy, cheeky, colourful and affordable floor won’t add a bit of zip and zest to the scheme! A new favourite here is Roam on the left and Wild on the right, two whizzy patterned vinyl flooring designs from Atrafloor. The range of colours and patterns is astonishing, I’m particularly keen on Monstera – I think we must have seen that leaf design on absolutely everything now, from coasters to floors!

Well, that fact that it’s almost Halloween is really just an excuse to show you a picture of a super-stylish classic country-style kitchen that really ticks every possible style box going! As well, of course, featuring a pair of orange velvet bar stools, from a diverse selection at Cult Furniture. The colour range is such that you could choose any other shade imaginable, from pink to teal to black. But, back to the kitchen. So many features to admire – from the chevron flooring (try Country Nut porcelain tiles from Tile Mountain for a similar look), to the painted in-frame cabinetry, the marble work surfaces, the exposed beams and brick wall. We also love the dried flowers and reeded glass vase too. And on a practical note, glazed cupboard doors allow your best pieces of glass and crockery to be admired, whilst keeping them dust free.

This kitchen is all about the contrast between floor and cabinets. Dark and dramatic cabinetry is sleek and secretive – hiding everything away behind plain doors. The clever contrast trick is showcasing natural finishes for the open shelving, the breakfast bar, stool tops, and of course the smooth and sophisticated marble effect porcelain tiles. These are from the Jurassic range of porcelain tiles from Stone & Ceramic Warehouse (which is also widely known as SACW). Each tiles is a whopping 120cm x 120cm so make sure you get expert installers in! Also available in other shades, Luce, Marron and Notte

I love a seasonal mug, and these are nice enough to make a gift for anyone with a birthday anywhere near Halloween on October 31st or Bonfire Night on November 5th. They are by Emma Bridgewater, and are available from Daisy Park – keep scrolling down and you’ll probably be able to find something for everyone on your (shhhhhh … Christmas List too!).  Continuing this month’s colour theme, I wanted to flag up the super range of copper barware and accessories from Dibor. The collection includes ice buckets and wine coolers, as well as smaller gadgets, and they would be a rather glamorous addition to a festive drinks trolley too.

And to further prove that a black kitchen can look just as good in a traditional country cottage setting, complete with beams, this super Shaker style kitchen by Fawn Interiors includes lots of original features, paired with modern elements such as an electric Aga and industrial-style lighting.  

Spooky Doo … Now of course there was never any doubt that I would just have to add a trio of spooky shopping opportunities! So, from left, it’s the Bibelots Boudoir Cushion from Limelace, featuring lots of appropriately weird and wonderful images. Next is the Set of Halloween Pinwheel Decorations from Otherletters. Now these are completely gorgeous and I know that if I treat myself to some of these they will be hanging around at least until Christmas! In fact, once any kind of paper chain or snowflake type decoration gets put up in my house it usually stays there until I’ve purchased the next set! On the other hand, I can’t help but admire the macabre appeal of this Black Waiting Bird Lamp by Seletti, available from Red Candy. It’s a bit tooooo lifelike for me, it’s available in other poses too, and to be perfectly honest would make me jump every time I looked at it! But … perfect for a Halloween party, if you dare!!

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