Despite having had weeks and weeks to pore over kitchen plans, and knowing exactly how much space I’ve got to play with, I’m still making lists and ordering drawer dividers and various other storage ideas. I think if I’d seen these pocket doors earlier in the design process I may have been tempted … The latest news from Schmidt kitchens includes invaluable advice and great ideas for any storage-conscious kitcheneer, and of course the ideas translate into virtually all rooms. Streamline your cooking, dining, work, living and relaxing areas with some clever folding doors and other hide-away ideas. Some of the best examples can be found at Schmidt, including their new Work’N Hide kitchen.

01 Closed - Pocket Doors Closed-Work'n Hide_10

The Arcos kitchen from Schmidt in Maverick and Kashmir Grey with pocket doors, shown closed.

02 Open - Pocket Doors Closed-Work'n Hide_7

The Arcos kitchen with the full-height pocket doors open, revealing a host of concealed storage elements.

Most of us have some element of open-plan living in our homes, whether it’s the entire ground floor area in a super-modern new home or a more modest open-plan kitchen-dining room. It’s very difficult to keep all our gadgets, utensils, food-processors and groceries looking sleek and streamlined so the answer is to concentrate on concealed storage. Open shelves are extremely convenient and great for display, if you can limit the family to a set of four mugs, four bowls, four plates etc, but in reality they do tend to get rather cluttered and untidy. We are totally converted to the idea of pocket doors which can hide-away work areas. There’s also the psychological advantage of not wanting to untidy the kitchen again once the table has been cleared and the dishwasher switched on. (And the fact that the biscuit tin is out of sight is a bonus too…)

03 Work'n Hide

A clever combination of built-in ovens and pull-out utensil and equipment drawers, by Blum

04 Work'n Hide

This section of the Work’N Hide kitchen is ultra-clever, as it enables built-in cooking appliances to be positioned next to pull-outs which can hold all the crockery and utensils. Ordinarily, built-in appliances are usually put next to standard cabinets; pocket doors add an extra possibility to the design and layout. We have always loved the idea of a breakfast station, as however glamorous a brand new coffee maker or blender looks, there comes a time when it’s lost it’s shine and frankly, needs to be tucked away in a cupboard. Keep the toaster, coffee maker and any small hand-held appliances within easy reach but out of sight with an enclosed breakfast station. The concept also has the advantage of confining the daily breakfast mess into a smaller space, keep the cereal boxes and NutriBullet in there too …

05 Work'n Hide

Dining and cooking in harmony with the Norway table and Dream2 chairs, also part of the Work’N Hide collection.

06 Work'n Hide

The hidden storage-appliance-equipment concept is an advantage if you often have kitchen supper parties … no one likes eating their starter staring at a stack of serving dishes. The sink and dishwasher are easily concealed, having an integrated dishwasher so close to the sink and draining area means there is no need to have used crockery on show; it can be put straight into the dishwasher (to the left of the sink) without the need for a half-way house stacking area.

07 Work'n Hide

Making living space work …

The Home Living range can be combined with the concealed storage ideas to keep family living spaces neat and tidy. It’s a good idea to have some elements of open storage – otherwise your home can end up looking like an office. However, the object of the exercise is to maintain order and a pleasing look, so be strict about books and magazines, don’t let open shelves become a dumping ground for items that teenagers can’t be bothered to put away properly. A black bin liner left by the front door, containing random not-put-away items works wonders (don’t worry, I’ve never had to throw the bag away…) With so many giant-sized TVs available, as well as the iPad/tablet/laptop situation, it’s easy to become swamped by the latest technology. The truth is that we don’t need to be looking a giant blank screens if they’re not being used, so do consider hide-away elements.

08 Work'n Hide

Now you see it … a laptop desk and storage space

09 Work'n Hide

And now it’s gone. All items from Schmidt Kitchens UK Ltd, www.schmidt-kitchens.com

Colour Co-Ordinates

Despite the fact that the builder has just announced that he’s done 700 sq m of plastering which translates into 4000 sq m of painting that needs to be done, we’re not too advanced on the plans, colour-wise. I’m very taken with some deep petrol blue shades and one or two charcoal greys and even some emerald greens to use as highlights, but for the time being everything is being given a couple of coats of Pure Brilliant White. I think we’ll be going down the road of a colourful element in each room – but not a whole wall; perhaps a pop of colour between upstand and wall-shelves, or a band of colourful tiles behind the wash-basin or around a mirror. I’m taking inspiration from some of the Spring-Summer interiors collections. Watch this space ….

10 Debenhams

A great favourite … deep petrol blue. Accessories from Debenhams, www.debenhams.co.uk

11 Marks & Spencer

I’m not usually a big fan of bright pink, but this looks rather fresh and bouncy! Furniture and bedlinen by Marks & Spencer, www.marksandspencer.com

12 Dunelm

I think almost-black is a definite winner … especially with lots of white and copper contrasts. Consider charcoal and navy too. All accessories, Dunelm. www.dunelm.com

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