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Have you ever wondered what the most popular styles of kitchen are in UK homes? Or maybe you’re interested to know which appliances are the most upgraded. Well now you have the inside info thanks to acrylic sheet supplier The Plastic People who have researched the UK’s kitchen culture in all its glory…

1) Alno

Kitchen by Alno,

According to research carried out by Mintel:

  • Sales of small kitchen appliances have increased from £635 million in 2011 to £897 million in 2015 — a 41% boost.
  • Sales of food preparation appliances have increased by 145% from 2011 to 2015.
  • Sales of hot beverage making appliances have increased from £78 million in 2011 to an estimated £148 million in 2015 — an 89% boost.


2) Krups

Krups coffee grinder,

So what is the UK’s most popular small appliance?

  • In 2015, 42% of Brits bought a kettle
  • 30% bought a toaster
  • 15% bought a sandwich maker or grilling machine
  • 13% bought a juicer or smoothie maker
  • 13% bought a coffee capsule or pod drink maker
  • 11% bought a filter coffee machine


3) Red Candy

Regent toaster from Red Candy,

And our most popular large appliance upgrade?

  • Dishwashers – 82%
  • Fridge-freezer – 78%
  • Extractor – 77%
  • Hob – 75%
  • Oven – 56%
  • Microwave – 53%


4) Gorenje

Gorenje’s Retro refrigeration in Sunrise,

The same study also revealed that stainless steel was the most popular finish when upgrading appliances (47%), followed by black (22%) then white (10%).

A 2017 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study also delved into the most popular events that triggered us to update our kitchen:

  • 42% had only recently purchased their home and wanted to make their kitchen their own.
  • 32% wanted to update their kitchen all along and finally had the means to do so.
  • 30% could no longer stand their old kitchen.
  • 26% acknowledged that their old kitchen had either deteriorated, broke down or become unsafe.
  • 14% were adapting to recent changes that had happened to their family and lifestyle.


5) Magnet

Blue slab kitchen from Magnet,

Features we install into our kitchens:

The following is the frequency of upgraded products and materials according to the Houzz survey:

  • 93% upgraded with worktops and the top materials used are quartz (engineered), granite and laminate. White was also the top colour, followed by grey then black.
  • 93% upgraded with cabinets.
  • 90% with taps and other plumbing fixtures.
  • 90% upgraded with lighting fixtures.
  • 90% with a sink or set of sinks.
  • 89% with appliances and 88% with flooring (ceramic or porcelain, engineered wood and stone)


6) Caesarstone

Piatra Grey Caesarstone worktop,

The research by Houzz also revealed the top new features for built-in kitchens:

  • 42% opted for a kitchen island.
  • 40% for a pantry cupboard.
  • 34% for a breakfast bar.
  • 29% for a built-in wine fridge or rack.
  • 12% for a peninsula.

And when it comes to style, it seems that contemporary is the most sought after, with 56%, followed by traditional (10%), country (7%), Scandinavian (6%), eclectic (4%) and industrial (4%).

7) Mopalpa

Kitchen by Mobalpa,

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