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More time at home means more time looking around the kitchen (and other rooms) and imagining how they could be improved… Perhaps finding more space, more colour, more pattern, or more texture. So naturally, we have some suggestions for getting your kitchen up to speed for 2021…

The new colour mix feature by Schmidt allows designers to specify up to three different finishes per individual cabinet. The finishes shown here (above and below) are wood-effect Magnus and ultra-matt white, nano-Everest. The carcasses themselves can match the fronts of the cabinets or can be a complete contrast – as there are 24 difference carcass colour available. This particular layout utilises open shelving very successfully – not only is it practical, but it creates the effect of a dividing wall/screen too.

The joys of our Space Tower  system are admirably demonstrated by Schmidt, again in Magnus and nano-Everest finishes, with that super-matt finish looking pretty spectacular with the black interiors. Remember, fully extending drawers mean that the full height of each drawer can be used, as there’s no need to include space to manoeuvre items out of each drawer. Glance to the right of the Space Tower and you’ll see a double-door cabinet above the induction hob… in fact those doors open to reveal an extractor.

We particularly like the under-sink systems; there’s a U-Shaped top drawer to wrap around the sink itself, and below that, as shown here, is an extremely sensible waste and recycling drawer. Which doesn’t have to be used for waste and recycling, it could be commandeered for cleaning products, the compost bin, kitchen roll, bin bags and so on. Have a look here for more suggestions and inspiration.

And we just had to include the pic of the integrated dishwasher with colour mix front panel. Designers may just have to factor in a little more consultation time to make all those colour and finish decisions! Take a look at the Custom Colour possibilities to really get the creative thought processes firing on all cylinders!

This gorgeous teal blue-green kitchen is by Hush Kitchens, the shade is actually from their own colour chart, and it’s called Box. Founder of Hush Kitchens, Chris Spink, says ‘The colour is both soothing and uplifting, calming and easy to live with’. We rather like the way it’s been paired with pink tiles, too. This is one of Hush Kitchen’s more contemporary designs, featuring slab doors rather than framed, Shaker-style fronts. The showroom in Chichester is open to visitors by appointment only, and there is an online design service, too.

Design details… octagonal pink tiles are a surprisingly different contrast to the painted cabinetry; adding a very contemporary touch.

Natural materials and colours are still very much on trend, and will continue to be so; green works well with natural finishes (try Ho Ho Green by Little Greene for a similar shade, it comes in all possible finishes, so there’ll be one for cabinetry and well as walls). So, green, brass/gold and timber finishes are all neatly tied together here with the eye-catching Lily Grey porcelain wall (and floor) tiles by Walls & Floors.

And here’s another idea… patterned Lily Grey tiles for the floor, they’re not just for walls. As bathroom floors are often much smaller, in comparison with open-plan kitchen floors, it’s less of a commitment to add a patterned floor to your home. Think patterned floors for cloakrooms, utility rooms, porches and halls.

A clever combination, here’s how to turn Lily Marine tiles, again from Walls & Floors, into dramatic stars by altering the installation format into a 2 x 2 square pattern. It’s surprising how different patterned tiles  can look, just by jigging the format around – think along the lines of plank tiles laid in brick, basket-weave or herringbone formats.

Silestone® Loft has just been launched; it’s a collection of five new quartz colours from Cosentino, all inspired by cities and their industrial style. This is Corktown, a dark and brooding shade of black with touches of brown and an extra matte finishes. Think of Detroit and it’s historical, industrial splendour.

This is Poblenou, (centre) another new Silestone ® Loft colour, this was inspired by the industrial revolution in Barcelona. This warm shade of grey has subtle veining and a family-friendly warmth, as well as working beautifully with natural shades and textures. All the new Loft colours use HybriQ+ technology, a new production process that incorporates reused raw materials, 98% recycled water and uses 100% renewable energy.

This is Borrowdale, quite a murky green-brown, from the new paint range by Linda Barker Paints. Finishes are Ultra Matte, Classic Eggshell and Contemporary Satin. Use Ultra Matte for walls and ceilings, Classic Eggshell for walls and ceilings where a slight sheen is required – it can be used as a contrast with Ultra Matte. Contemporary Satin can be used for woodwork and metal i.e. cabinets and radiators, as well as architrave, skirting boards and timber panelling.

And finally, two gorgeous shades from the new paint collection from the Proper Good Paint ® range by Ca’ Pietra. Above, Birdie’s Grey and below, Asta’s River. Both colours are definitely worth thinking about for a kitchen-living-dining revamp for 2021.

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