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Well … we’ve just done the traditional Xmas de-clutter, and I feel lighter already! Three big bags to the charity shop, plus nicely organised shelves and cupboards. And three pals who have gained posh Parmesan graters and a few other kitchen duplicates too! So now we can go onwards with some new looks for 2019 …


CROWN IMPERIAL AluminaCopper ZelusoBlack

Delighted to hear and see all the inspirational news regarding Pantone’s announcement of their Colour of the Year for 2019 – it’s Living Coral 16-1546. It’s a step onwards from blush pinks, coppers and red gold, yet isn’t too scary for early adopters. Consequently, Crown Imperial’s Alumina Copper and Zeluso Black kitchen caught my eye. Love this kitchen, it’s a completely modern look, but with softness and warmth. Perfection. Take a look at the whole collection here.


Schmidt new 1

And now for something completely different … Schmidt’s new Colour Mix concept – which allows designers to use two or three different colour combinations within one cabinet – has endless potential. Heights and widths are extremely flexible too – enabling each kitchen to be highly individual. New depth base units are 62.5 cm, base units are available in heights from 52cm to 91cm, and widths can be bespoke at no extra charge, avoiding the need for filler panels.  We’re rather keen on Madras, shown here from the Caneo Loft collection. Look here for masses of inspiration if you’re thinking about a new kitchen for 2019 …

Cracklelux_Verdone kitchen from Craven Dunnill's Renaissance Collection

Back to the Living Coral concept, and this has to be a gorgeous and subtle colour choice to enhance all those coral, blush pink and copper shades that are going to be even more popular over the coming months. These are Cracklelux Verdone tiles from the Renaissance Collection by Craven Dunnill. The crazed finish uses a special printing technique and semi-transparent glaze, which offers a beautiful hand-crafted vintage character. Retro appeal with contemporary specification, and perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms.

Altrock Zetteler PR

This astonishingly beautiful new surface is reinvented terrazzo, by designer Robin Grasby. It’s a new marble-based surface material, which is produced from materials that are 87% recycled materials from the marble industry – mixed with a small amount of resin and named Altrock. Have a look here for other colour possibilities.


Cordless Roller Blind from Swish shown in Coral - study

One of the easiest ways of adding a non-permanent splash of colour – which can emphasise a current trend or perhaps calm down an over-bright scheme, is to use a roller blind. (Which of course can be rolled up out of sight if you want a change of look!). However, we’re pretty sure we won’t want to hide this one away! It’s the Coral cordless roller blind from Swish, starting at an affordable £26 for a 60cm w x 170cm d. Take a look here for more colourful ideas.  


Clever with Coral … add just a little touch with these three shopping ideas … From left; for a lovely afternoon tea vibe, treat yourself to the Tile print tea cosy from Andshine (beware though, there are so many other gorgeous things to buy you’ll end up spending all your Christmas money …); centre; this gorgeous Task Lamp in Goldfish Orange is great as a bedside spotlight or could sit out on the work surface to brighten up a dreary winter corner. It’s from Annabel James. Right; you can’t go far wrong with a new cushion to emphasise a colour theme; this is the Lagoon Coral cushion from the Lochs & Lagoons collection at Arthouse.


If coral doesn’t float your boat, there’s still all those beautiful teals, jungle greens and blues that we’ve been enthusing about for months and months. So just a little reminder regarding the new paint range from Marston & Langinger, possibly better known for their amazing conservatories and glass houses, but now launching and re-branding their paints as M&L. Finishes cover all eventualities; chalky interior matt, interior eggshell, masonry, full gloss, exterior eggshell and primer. Shown here, Deep Teal and Sage. Go on, get that paintbrush out!



Practical Matters … I’m not the world’s most enthusiastic ironer (anyone who knows me is now rolling their eyes upon reading that sentence …) but I am rather taken with the new Turquoise Funky Iron from The Funky Iron Company. It also comes in Red and Black, has a large 450ml tank and anti-calc system. I’ll let you know how I get on with it next month!



And finally … just give the shops a week or so to clear their Christmas clutter and then we can be back to normal shopping activity. As ever, I have some tiny little suggestions, all from the super-fab homeware department at Sainsburys. Not all these items may be instore just yet, wait a couple of weeks and then embark on a spring spruce-up! From left;  Oriental Double oven glove, Stockholm tray, and Urban Paradise glass candle with lid.

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