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There’s a pioneering feel in the air at Leeds showroom, Four Seasons Interiors. The team led by Donna Fox, Showroom Manager and one of the first undergraduates currently studying the prestigious Kitchen Design degree at Buckingham University, are the first in the UK to showcase a new groundbreaking kitchen range.

The Miinus range is very different from conventional kitchen furniture, a fact that becomes immediately apparent at first glance. The open-framed cabinet sides, constructed from a specifically developed bio-composite, pose many questions of ‘what?’, ‘why?’ and ‘how?’.

Paul Leach Photography – Photographs of Interior and Exterior Architecture by Paul Leach

The story began with a lengthy research and development program by Finland’s largest kitchen manufacturer, Puustelli. Their aim was to identify materials that are not only recyclable but that improve upon the performance (both long and short term) of conventional kitchen choices. Their investigation culminated in a product that not only halved the amount of materials needed but is also lighter in weight, lower in VOC emissions and easier to transport whilst still maintaining a solid construction. With a striking aesthetic that you would expect from any high-end manufacture, the Miinus range ticks all the boxes that appeals to buyers. Add to this the Blum BLUMOTION hinges and LEGRABOX drawers that adorn the range and it’s clear that Miinus packs a powerful punch when it comes to hardwearing, quality ingredients.

Paul Leach Photography – Photographs of Interior and Exterior Architecture by Paul Leach

Clients have a choice of two worktop types within the range: A selection of sustainably sourced timbers as well as a broad choice of recyclable ceramic finishes. At just 7mm thick the ceramic worktops are used in conjunction with a birch subframe and are a light and extremely durable surface that can withstand high temperatures, hard use and staining foods. Even hot pans really do not pose a problem when placed directly onto the surface!

Paul Leach Photography – Photographs of Interior and Exterior Architecture by Paul Leach

The finishes used on all door selections in the range all originate from sustainable, eco-friendly sources and the kitchen contains none of the chipboard and MDF associated with conventional ranges. Fascia materials used include solid wood, framed glass and scrubbed pine doors and all are manufactured with the same ethos and thought that is employed throughout this ecological range.

Paul Leach Photography – Photographs of Interior and Exterior Architecture by Paul Leach

The result is a unique construction that will withstand the wear and tear of modern life, the environmental changes of our British weather and the scrutiny of the most design conscious individuals.

I asked Donna how she feels the Miinus measures up to counterparts in the aesthetic rankings as this is an overriding determinant for most kitchen buyers:
“Well, with the popularity of Scandinavian designs here, I believe it stacks up very well and retains all the design principles one would expect of a Nordic manufacturer. Simplicity, functionality, prac-ticality and ergonomics form the backbone of a range that provides maximum style with the minimum of fuss. The fact that it also incorporates a ‘back to nature’ element, with use of neutral colour palettes in combination with unprecedented earth friendly credentials, is a bonus we believe will win-over a growing army of fans” she concludes.

Update: Puustelli Miinus have recently been chosen to be the featured kitchen in the Flood Resilient Home and also they currently have a prize opportunity for one Miinus customer to win £10,000 worth of kitchen furniture. Click here to find out more.

Tim Foley is an independent consultant and writer who specialises in the UK Kitchen sector. With vast experience in the kitchen industry, (over 30 years and counting), he has plied his trade as an installer, contractor, Project Consultant for a number of TV shows including ITV’s Better Homes, 60 Minute Makeover and a Tonight with Trevor McDonald two part special ‘New Homes Or Old’.

More recently, since packing his toolbag away, Tim is commissioned to promote, market and write about products he has a passion for, among these is the Puustelli Miinus Eco Kitchen range.

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