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Will it be a white Christmas? Fingers crossed! We’re already inspired by some white ideas …


Of course, we know that no-one’s kitchen or dining room cupboard is going to look like this in the real world over Xmas, but it’s a nice idea, isn’t it?! Every cupboard or dresser is more likely to be stuffed with hastily-bought extra glassware, boxes of emergency mince-pies, and all the large serving dishes that have been brought out for the big day. But we can dream … I would be so pleased if I could have a dresser that looked like this. Perhaps if I shopped more often at Amara … have a look at all their gorgeous accessories …

british standard

As we’re enthusing over white kitchens at the moment, we wanted to highlight this simple design from British Standard Cupboards. British Standard Cupboards by Plain English are a very simple way of buying a new kitchen, and an average price is around £8,000, which puts into the affordable bracket of course. This lovely project is actually in a coastal town, so the fresh, white style is perfectly appropriate. But of course we think it would look equally gorgeous decked out with white and natural Nordic-style decs for this Christmas season!

british standard

The British Standard Cupboards range is off-the-shelf, suitable for all rooms in the home, but of course particularly for kitchens and utilities. It could also be perfect for a bathroom as well. It’s available on-line, all the cupboards are hand-crafted in the Plain English workshop in Suffolk and arrive at their destination assembled and with an eggshell undercoat, ready for each customer’s top coat colour of choice.

CROWN IMPERIAL Textura Driftwood Zeluso Cashmere

So we thought we had also better offer you a sleek, modern option for a pale kitchen. These are a couple of new ideas from Crown Imperial Kitchens,  this is Driftwood, which is a new addition to the Textura collection. It’s paired here with Zeluso in cashmere. It’s a good combination, the textured finish adds interest and pattern, without overwhelming the scheme, and the handleless drawers and doors maintain that simple, streamlined look. Simply perfect!


If your kitchen is seriously sleek, glossy and sophisticated you may not feel inclined to strew too many Xmas decorations around. So, our suggestions for avoiding overkill include just decorating the staircase – simply done with an artificial garland and some hanging baubles. Takes up next to no space, and still looks as if you’re making an effort. This garland and baubles are all from a super selection at Next Home. Available online too, if you hurry!


Now this bathroom isn’t too Christmassy, but it does have a seasonal, glamorous feel. The combination of soft colour plus that bold blue for the cupboards looks enticing and would make overnight guests feel cherished! All the accessories are from the  Matalan homeware range, so pop in or go online to create an affordable yet glam bathroom.


Another beautiful example of hall and staircase creative decorating. This time all the accessories and ideas come from Amara … have a little look here, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be inspired to glam up your home!


It’s nice to spruce up the spare room if you’re having guests to stay at Christmas, or if not, just do it for your own benefit, it’s such a nice thing to retreat into bed after a chaotic day … take a mug of hot chocolate, your Christmas playlist on the iPad and drift over under the fairy lights. Seasonal bedding is a treat, but hey it will last for years. We particularly like these two schemes; left, Brushed Cotton Berry Sprig bedlinen and pompom cushions from Next, and right, snowflake-inspired Elsie bedding from a superb collection of Xmas designs by Dunelm. Other patterns include Stags, Unicorns, Polar Bears, Trees, and all sorts of motifs. I’ve just managed to treat myself to this one. I also love that clever gold-painted border and gold wreaths. Very effective and an low-cost (just paint and time) project for creative souls.


I’ve been trying out this gadget, from Bosch – it’s the Zamo Digital Laser Measure. Now I’m always trying out various gadgets and sometimes I think that yes, they’re fab, but too much of a faff to stick with, and then there’s where to put it or store it etc. But this is a great little thing, it’s made life measuring up for curtains and wallpaper so much easier. It’s not the sort of thing that you’re going to use every day, but soooo handy to have in the toolkit or kitchen drawer for when you do actually need help. And of course it means that measuring up for virtually anything can be done one-handed, without getting someone in to stand at the top of the ladder or the other end of the tape measure. You can pretend it’s a light sabre too … Could be a good idea for the Xmas box!


This isn’t actually a scalpel, it’s a Skalpel steak knife. Razor sharp and a must-have item for serious carnivores. I hate trying to cut meat with an old blunt knife, and to be able to make neat cuts into a steak is a joy. Pulled pork has it’s place, but so has an extremely sharp table knife. It’s the kind of thing that would make a good gift (to a foodie, otherwise you might get strange looks)! Each individual knife can be personalised, and they are made from surgical grade steel, ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced, and, happily, handmade in Sheffield.

Stellar Kitchen

And finally … after the excesses of the festivities you may want to step back a bit and get on the healthy diet path again. Gain some extra enthusiasm with the Stellar Bluetooth Diet Scale. The app (for Android or iPhone) tracks intake and assesses nutritional info. It all sounds a bit scientific and intense, but for anyone who is already monitoring their protein intake and/or taking the appropriate supplements or is monitoring for health or weight loss/gain reasons, I think this will be a useful and welcome tool. PS don’t give it as a gift unless you a totally sure what the response will be ….


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