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So, it seems that all this time in lockdown has turned many of us into extremely house-proud neat-freaks! Which isn’t a bad thing at all. Perhaps you are planning a new kitchen, wanting to streamline and re-vitalise the one you’ve got, or even if you’re adding a few extra storage pieces, we thought that this time a few practical suggestions and ideas wouldn’t go amiss…

This is the Prouve Light Grey Gloss kitchen by Roux Kitchens. This is an super stylish minimalist approach to kitchen design – attainable and functional. Roux Kitchens (made by British kitchen manufacturer Moores) with co-designer Michel Roux Jr have produced a collection that will stand the test of time whilst providing ultimate efficiency and timeless good looks. And the internal fittings are by Blum. We heard from Michel Roux Jr about some of the thinking behind these storage solutions and how he approached the design process.

This is also the Prouve Gloss in Light Grey, here we’re admiring the sleek sink with deep drawers below. the handleless design looks so simple, and is a very admirable contrast to the more natural, textured finishes of timber window surrounds and raw brick walls.

‘Drawer dividers are widely accepted as a must-have for any budget, and you don’t have to settle for a standard cutlery drawer, there are now much more innovative options available. By offsetting varying styles and sizes within the compartments, it’s possible to create a personalised layout that ensures each individual tool has it’s rightful place. This creates a aesthetically pleasing and highly organised space that’s perfect for when you’re trying to prepare a crowd pleaser!’

‘Deep drawer storage should be so much more than a dumping ground for pots, pans and mis-matched lids. If it’s appropriate within the layout, install a hanging pot rack and use the drawer space in other ways. Flexible deep drawer storage dividers mean that these spaces can be appropriate for anything from a plentiful supply of pasta and store cupboard essentials to tall bottles of oils and sauces that may not fit anywhere else’

More colour options in the Roux Kitchens range … this is Prouve again, this time in the Gloss White and Vintage Oak combination. In our opinion, a hugely successful way of combining natural, tactile materials within a simple, contemporary scheme.

However much we all love a stark, handleless kitchen with masses of work surface space and numerous drawers to hide practically everything away, there’s always a moment when the realisation dawns that actually yes, you do need a few decorative items on the work surface or open shelves. And however practical a breakfast cupboard is, sometimes it’s just that little bit more convenient to have a tin of biscuits on the work surface with a tea caddy or coffee jar next to it.  And that, dear readers, is a great excuse to add a touch of colour and pattern to a plain kitchen. Some of our favourites are, left and right, Large Butterfly Stem Storage Jar and Large Sunflower Ochre storage jars, both from the Orla Kiely range at Annabel James.  Centre, a set of three very useful cake tins from Beau & Elliot, they are the Madagascar collection, have bamboo lids, and are 1.7, 2.5 and 5 litre capacities.

Tall larder units are a great addition for organised souls, or indeed, people who really want to become organised. Michel Roux Jr says ‘Just like drawers, larders are a great opportunity to achieve your organisational goals, and to maintain them too. Being able to pull a mini-pantry right out of the kitchen cabinet is also a good way to ensure that half-finished packets and jars don’t get lost at the back and everything can be seen easily’.

Heading back to simpler colour schemes, we just had to point you in the direction of the Haus Kitchen collection from the Spring-Summer ’20 collection at Dunelm. (But remember, due to the current situation not everything is available all the time), so keep checking online. However, a black and natural colour/accessory scheme always works, so keep an eye out and get your planning head on for future kitchen schemes …

From the left; I’ve been trying to think of an excuse to buy one of these gorgeous Lola Mawu pot baskets, the large size is 42cm high, which is useful and practical. At the moment my ideas for use include in the bathroom for all those packets of hand wipes, sanitiser, cleansing wipes and cotton wool; in the kitchen for packets of rice, lentils, pasta etc, on the landing for all the bits and bobs that need to be taken up or downstairs, and in the hallway for gloves, masks, scarves and shopping bags.  And yes, they are ethically hand crafted, fairly traded, use traditional skills and help artisanal communities thrive and provide income for families. Centre, not quite as colourful, but nonetheless very appealing for a chic kitchen, the set of four LOVE initial jars from Cult Furniture could streamline a kitchen or bathroom.  And right, who can resist a pineapple decoration! Just the job for evening cocktails outdoors or as an addition to your tiki bar or kitchen island … this is the Elphaba Jar in Green Glass from Sweetpea & Willow … it measures 26cm tall so could be used as a storage jar on the work surface or an addition to your cocktail tray …

At the time of writing (Easter Monday) I must admit that I’ve also been planning ahead for my next couple of lockdown DIY projects. One includes painting another feature wall, if we decide that the leftover paint from the previous project will stretch that far! The other is to decide whether or not to take the plunge and add some open shelves to the kitchen. It’s ideas like this one here that inspire me, although I am also thinking of the cleaning involved. But hey, we’ve all got a bit more time now so let’s get those cleaning habits well and truly embedded! These are the sort of open shelves I fancy, but I would be tempted to paint them bright orange… perhaps Dance Fever by Crown to match the orange glass splashback and orange stools in the kitchen.  All these storage solutions are from the Natural Elements collection by KitchenCraft.

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