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The creative team at Castrads, the UK’s premium radiator company, has analysed Google data over the past five years to collate a What’s Hot and What’s Not list. They’ve sifted through hundreds of interior items and styles to reveal which hit their peak of popularity in January 2019 and which are on borrowed time.

Smart home devices are the thing of the moment, up 2397% this January compared to August 2015. In fact, it’s estimated that £10.8 billion will be spent on them in 2019 and as smart tech becomes more affordable, there’s no sign that this meteoric rise will slow down anytime soon.

The nation is also going crazy for retro drinks trolleys, with searches up 685% since May 2015. As a functional and stylish piece, it can be used indoors and out to showcase your most prized tipples and glassware.

The study also shows the Millennial houseplant craze has become a mainstream obsession. The indoor plant market is now estimated to be worth a massive £2.2bn and searches for these little green wonders are up 234% compared to their lowest point in February 2015.

Velvet is the material of the moment and one of the most versatile and opulent textures you can use in your home. Velvet chairs in particular are seeing a huge boom in popularity, peaking at over 118,000 searches at the start of 2019, up 560% since June 2016. Another opulent material – marble – is also making a comeback, particularly in statement kitchens, enjoying a 279% increase in search volume since November 2015.

Today, new-build houses in the UK have never been so small. As a space-saving item, dining benches offer a good alternative to chairs and it seems more consumers are making the switch, with searches up 89% since June 2017.

It seems the nation is also looking to history for interiors inspiration, with searches for the following traditional items hitting a five-year peak in January: patterned tiles (+324%), column radiators (+174%), herringbone flooring (+243%), brass taps (+122%), pendant lights (+104%), Persian rugs (+92%) and freestanding baths (+159%).

It’s official, the Millennial Pink craze is over. Despite growing in popularity by over 1000% between February and June 2017, it’s since dived by 71% in the lead up to January 2019. This year, more vibrant orange-pinks will take centre stage, thanks to Pantone naming Living Coral as its shade of 2019.

As are bold wallpapers and chandeliers – staple items in a maximalism-inspired room – with searches down 60% and 17% respectively since their peak in 2017.

The Crittall trend is also fading. Synonymous with New York loft apartments, Crittall windows and screens are perfect for delineating spaces without blocking light flow but they often come at a price. It may be homeowners are being put off by the high price tag, with searches down almost 20% since March 2016.

Bringing the outside in was a big trend last year and rattan furniture was everywhere, peaking at almost 11,000 searches a month in May 2018. However, since then, searches for rattan furniture have fallen continuously (77% in fact).

While houseplants have never been so popular, the nation is over terrariums. Since September 2018, searches for terrariums are down 63%, which may be due to people realising how much care they need; terrariums typically need remaking every three months. Copper cookware is also losing favour with time-poor consumers (down 43% since December 2017), which need more TLC than stainless steel.

Encouragingly, the study shows consumers are taking warnings about air pollution seriously, with searches down for both wood burners (42% since November 2016) and scented candles (nearly 60% since January 2017). Both are a major focus of the government’s new Clean Air Strategy to tackle air pollution; studies show wood burners emit more dangerous particles per hour than a diesel truck and cheap scented candles are often made from paraffin wax which can release cancer-causing chemicals into the air and intensify respiratory problems such as asthma.

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